We have 4 World Class manufacturing units located at STICE Musalgaon, Sinnar – Shirdi Road, Dist.Nashik, Maharashtra. Each unit is dedicated for Efferceuticals products with speciality manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals & Herbal supplement, Cosmetic & Non-Pharma block for Poultry, Animal Health & other Speciality products.

Our Core Competence is Innovative Research & Product Development in Efferceuticals with newer manufacturing processes like GDB. Creation of World’s First dedicated ‘SciTech Efferceuticals Innovation Centre’ (STEIC) will contribute towards these new developments.

One of the major achievement of STEIC is Development of World’s smallest waterless Effervescent delivery system as OD-EffTabs for Human Oral use and MiniFizz for other Non Human applications.

Research & Development

Production of Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical

Quality Control

Agri/Poultry/Vet Production

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