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DynaFizz - M

  • Product : DynaFizz M (Multivitamin and Multimineral Effervescent Tablet)
  • Weight : 123 gms
  • Length : 9.6 cms
  • Soluble tablet with essential vitamins & minerals providing Tasty drink
  • Ideal health supplement for adults
  • Relieves fatigue & Rejuvenates with one soluble tablet drink a day
  • Indication : To Supplement daily need of Vitamins and minerals
  • Warning & Precaution : Not to be swallowed Directly.
  • Contraindications : Incase of hypersensitivity to any of its component kindly discontinue the use and visit your healthcare professional.
  • Dosage : One Tablet a day or as directed by Healthcare Professional
  • Flavour : Lemon
  • Form : Effervescent Tablets
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Lifestage : 20 years and above
  • Packing : Tube Pack
  • Serving Per Pack : 14 Tablets in a tube; such 2 Tubes
  • ToTal Quantity : 28 TABLETS
  • Vegetarian/ Nonvegetarian : Veg

Product Description

DynaFizz M is an Effervescent Tablet containing multiple vitamins and Minerals in quantity sufficient to meet the daily Vitamin and Mineral requirement of the Body. DynaFizz M will benefit body by providing the necessary Vitamins and Minerals so that the body can easily combat day to day activities and perform efficiently and is fit enough to ward off infections and stay healthy.